Travels to India: The first couple of days
March 9, 2016

Finally, Wednesday Evening IST, I’m making my first legitimate blog post and first travel post after leaving from Newark (EWR) Sunday evening Eastern US time. Travel time was around 40 hours. The first flight on a 777 I was able to get quite a lot of sleep in on the 19 hour trip to Mumbai (BOM) as Air India had put me alone with a section of three seats I could lie down on somewhat comfortably. Still it wasn’t particularly restful and I often woke up, once feeling quite airsick. 10 hours then in BOM where I overpaid for a travel adapter that hardly works for some reason which I’m still trying to figure out. India has a peculiar electrical outlet situation.

Finally arriving at New Delhi, I wanted to check my e-mail and get in contact with someone at the company who I ordered a SIM card from, but to access airport wifi in India it’s standard to first SMS a one time pass to your phone. Which I couldn’t do. I found the AOL reception desk but even though a few people tried to be helpful and some Airtel vendor sold me a SIM card, I couldn’t get connected. I felt awkward and tired and frustrated for a while and then decided to just take a car to the room I’d rented for the next two days, which of course is what I should have done to begin with. Once on the road I felt much better and arrived at the room where I’m staying until tomorrow morning. Will update later with more on the car ride and pictures etc.

First post
February 1, 2016

just to test things